Parachute Silk

By Sue Harper

Sue’s story was inspired by the beautiful poem in Denise Bennett’s book Parachute Silk

and so was my poem I was reminded of when as a girl I went on a school visit to a Silk farm and was fascinated by the process but felt sorry for the poor Silk worms Eileen Phyall.

Getting started

Welcome to our blog. Writing can be a solitary affair, often full of self doubt. So after a successful book fest, where many of us met to discuss and listen to stories, plays and poems, we decided it would be good to meet regularly to write, chat and support fellow writers. We meet Tuesday evenings from 6.30 pm to talk and write together. Cakes, coffee and tea help us think and discuss our work.

Week One

Emme composed this from some our writing from the first week

Sweet Treats

This is our second week. I approached Teatray Cafe with some apprehension. Would anyone else turn up? Yes there were already two there and others soon arrived. We had some old post war food ration books that inspired us to delve into our memories and write about sweet and not so sweet things from our childhood. Lots of tea, coffee and cake helped.

Week Three

Our Third week and it’s Mikes birthday. He didn’t know that a birthday cake had been ordered. Here he is cutting it, ready to share.

Good cake and good stories being written and shared here.

It’s such a good place to be with supportive co writers and friends.

Week 4

This was our subject for discussion and starter for our stories tonight.

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